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I'm not crazy thank you very much. I'm just healthily insane
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28th-Nov-2006 11:01 pm(no subject)
Wow, I haven't written in this blog for...ages. Hmmmm, I'll write something meaningful someday.

Holidays rule!
22nd-Jul-2006 06:23 pm(no subject)
"Our buildings are brand new"
"We have better teachers"
"But we have decent facilities"
"We have brand new computers"
"Our school has laptops for every student!"
"We have a computer in every classroom"
"Well my school has chairs"
"Well mine has paper!"
"Ours has a desk"
"We have 2 Commonwealth Games reps in our school"
"Our school has a guy who represented Australia in the Youth World Cup"
"We have a Korean soccer team"
"Our school has better uniforms!"
"We have better Year 12 results"
"We're cool"
"My school is cool because I'm in it"
"At least our logo doesn't have trees in it"
"And having the UN logo on yours isn't stupid?"
"I'm hungry"

Yes, this is the existential and in-depth conversations I have with my Ablaze friends on Fridays. Despite being young adults, our conversation skills are still dictated by the rules of the playground.

Hands frozen and loved by God
22nd-Jul-2006 04:29 pm - Ablaze Birthday Message #73

I still remember your first visit to Ablaze and everyone fell in love on the spot. It was an unaminous decision that you were the cutest baby around. Personally through it all, I think you liked the attention. Well, be a good baby for your mum and here's to many more birthdays to come.

Biology scribing and loved by God
21st-Jul-2006 10:35 pm(no subject)
Phone conversation with Nick:
"You know Trung, it's hard to maintain a consistent Godly attitude because I'm not the guy to go la la, think happy thoughts, do happy things... but I try to keep a...."

Only Nick could interrupt a serious dialogue with a falsetto sing-a-long and not sound creepy. To me, it just sounds like Nick. That's the makings of a good youth leader.

Hands wrinkled and loved by God
20th-Jul-2006 09:16 pm(no subject)
Today is a watershed moment for me. As it stands, I've attended my last, read that last, sports carnival in high school. Plus my house U Thant won by around 600 points. Adds extra icing on the cake.

Pumping fists in the air and loved by God
19th-Jul-2006 05:25 pm(no subject)
Paris Hilton is No. 7 and Crazy Frog with a remix of 'We are the Champions' at No. 19 on the Australian Music Charts. Hmmmm....

I had one of those events where I vaguely hear someone calling my name and by the time I've turned around, the person is gone and my friends are looking at me wondering why I'm waving and saying hey to a brick wall.

Freezing and loved by God
18th-Jul-2006 06:20 pm(no subject)
I had one of those 'I wish I could take back what I said' moments in maths today. When I heard myself, I knew what I said was just a plain insult. The fact that everyone laughed compounded the issue.

If anyone considers himself religious and yet does not keep a tight rein on his tongue, he deceives himself and his religion is worthless
James 1:26

Way to go Trung. I might as well have slapped a 'hypocrite' sign on my forehead.

Robert- I'm very sorry. What I said was hurtful and out of line. I had no right to say it. Please forgive me.

Reciting James 1:26 and loved by God
17th-Jul-2006 08:42 pm(no subject)
The last 2 months have revealed to me how moody and absolutely irritating I can be. It also revealed that running spiritually blind is not fun. The one thing I learnt about being melancholy is that it's not a cry for help but more of a bothersome nuisance. This was revealed to me after 2 nights of intensive prayer and bible-reading. Many, many kudos to God for giving me a reality check but loving me anyway.

This whole episode made me wish that I was more like Paul. Read his letters- he constantly admits his troubles and struggles with life, God and the occasional shipwreck. It gives us hope, that one of the most influential Christians in history showed that he too was human. There were times when the challenges and pressures overwhelmed him too. Paul needed reassurance, needed God's comfort to keep him motivated, to keep focussed on the goal. He didn't write the whole 'the Christian life is a marathon' as a precursor to the Olympic Games. He did it to show that being a Christian is not easy, it was never meant to be easy. That we can live independently from God.

I on the other hand, just hide my feelings because I don't want to look vulnerable, that my spiritual walk is going fine with no cracks whatsoever. There was also the fact that I'm so spiritually secure that I don't need anyone which is completely nonsense. But that's an aspect of human nature- we don't like to admit that we're not coping with the pressure. It hurts our pride and bruises our egos. Christians are no exception. I see that in my fellow Ablaze friends where you literally have to wait an age before they open up. We live in a society that tells us that those who show weakness are killed off due to natural selection.

I wish I had the honesty to admit that 'hey, I love God, but life is hard at the moment' to my brothers and sisters in Christ. At the end of the day, my friends can't catch me if I don't tell them I'm falling. It's taken God a while, but he's finally hammered home the message to me.

All in all, I think I've turned the corner emotionally and spiritually.

Dealing with back pain and loved by God
16th-Jul-2006 09:06 pm(no subject)
Alright, after 3:


My thanks especially go to Torchie- you're the best sub-district leader Ablaze can possibly have. I admire your perseverance and passion for youth and that whether rain, hail or shine, you'll always be there for any one of us You're forever young mate.

Also to Pastor Wilson and Lai Ling- I'm so amazed by your faith, dedication and love for God. Thank you for everything.

Recovering from nightmare driving lesson and loved by God
15th-Jul-2006 10:33 pm - Deeper Lowdown
Well here I am again, in front of the keyboard, procrastinating to do quiet time and sleep. Then again, I have to do my usual lowdown from youth last night and here it is, in no particular order:

- Mark's straightened hair: had everyone in fits of laughter
- Violet's presence with Chris Bee winning out in holding her
- Nearly falling out of the car when Justin forgot the handbrake while parking
- Gavin and Sylvia having fun playing around with Justin's shoes- I swear, Gavin could have fitted his shoed foot in there.
- Praise/Worship next to Emily is an occupational health and safety hazard (She fell down twice)
- Watching Torchie dancing with the guest pastor- that was a classic
- Doing a merry jig on the spot singing 'la la la' with Lucy recording: expect a dance tape to surface soon
- Making more jokes about Lucy's driving, Adam's poetry and Mark's hair (in a nice way of course)
- Lucy: I used to think that the Powerhouse/Lighthourse (uni group) were mature until I saw them playing the clapping game
- Joining Jessie and Aaron in trying to convince Thomas to wax his legs to raise money for Unidus

The session was about worship and we were entertained by a guest speaker from Hope Bangkok where the church is absolutely massive . I saw the DVD clip of their church surface which had:
- a 100 strong choir
- 45 instrument orchestra
- a band
- 5 back up singers

Amazing. Many kudos to Torchie who did an amazing job translating and to Lisa Toh who gave me her belated birthday present to me.

In stamp collecting heaven and loved by God
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